This article in the NY Times nailed it.

Our millenials more than anyone have been betrayed by the recent Brexit referendum.

From talking to them it's clear why there was a so little impetus to turn out to vote in the majority of under 25s - they've grown up in a world where they have literally never seen the inward gazing, conservative, Little England that hates any deviance from perceived norms.

And who can blame them? Young people are growing up in a world where media is increasingly multicultural and democratised. When you've grown up on a diet of  Minecraft (written by a Swede, owned by some Americans, Youtube'd by 50+ nationalities) it seems utterly alien to think that you wouldn't travel to other countries, speak other languages, live somewhere different to where you were born. It's normal. It's the-way-things-are.

Sadly, it isn't - and #Leavers may have condemned a generation to be limited by their own small horizons.

On a day where scientists from all over the world - including the UK - have collaborated to put a spacecraft to in orbit around Jupiter it feels like an even greater failure that we surrender to territorialism.

So don't. This is not the end of the debate but only the beginning. Get out there. Write your MP (whether you're a British citizen or not. Maybe especially if you're not.) Write to the mayor.

Be heard. We will not go quietly.