Reading an article on VentureBeat last week really stung a nerve. The article was making a point about the difference between people who live to work and those who work to live (I believe there's room for both, but that wasn't shared by the author!).

What fascinated me was Alex St John's expectation that everyone is motivated by the same things. 

Moreover, his thoughts were anchored in the kind of marginally unhealthy work-cultural beliefs that I grew up with in the digital agency world - namely that you worked all hours in the day and then partied for anything that was left. Sleep was optional. Drink, adrenaline (and the rest) were what kept you going.

That monoculture, I am pleased to say, is now vanishing. Partly because as an industry we're ageing - so the young white guys of the 90's are now middle aged white men with families or partners which forces a change.

Likewise, the London based 20 year olds of today are interested in totally different things. Getting burned out or battered at the weekend is off the menu. Food, nutrition, health, sports and socialising are definitely on. And this is reflected in societal trends - in fact hard drinking has never been less popular. []

There is still much to do in our industry - gender and racial diversity is still weak - something we need to strive constantly to address.

But let's not knock Millennials for wanting a better worklife balance and being inspired by a wider variety of things.